Fight against cyber crime




  • Learn as much about the risk as possible.  Understanding the risk, threats and vulnerabilities that   currently exist on your enterprise.
  • Knowledge is power, the more you know about your target the more likely you are to succeed. 
  • Don’t worry about what you see it’s what you don’t see
  • Know What You Have (that others might want)
  • Identify the “Opportunities” You Might Be Providing
  • Research Your Employees
  • Educate Your Employees
  • Establish and Utilize Checks & Balances System
  • Audit remote access points
  • Apply the principle of least privilege / need to know or have, Access Control – “Need to Know” =  “Need To Access”
  • Monitor third party aggregation points
  • Enforce strong password policy/multifactor authentication. Something you know/have/are
  • Monitor contractors and business partners with access to your data



LISTCRIME is a non-profit website. We simply want to help internet users and businesses to not become ictims of cybercrime. Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for reliable, up-to-date information about online safety, to give home users and businesses the advice they need to use the Internet safely.

Recent Updates

For the most part, references within this document appear as links to the actual site that the information came from. I revert to customary referencing when citing non-www based sources. A bibliography of all sources appears at the end of this report. If we have not properly cited a resource please email us and it will be corrected. NASA and Wiki- above source images.