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Listcrime is a one-stop-shop for reliable, up-to-date information about online safety, to give average computer users and small to mid size businesses the advice they need to use the Internet safely. We are non-profit and just trying to help people avoid the pitfalls of cybercrime by providing information. All information posted on Listcrime is credited to the source of the information.


Our work falls into four major areas:

  • Help for online victims of cybercrime and harassment
  • Providing information on all aspects of online safety, privacy and security
  • Education
  • Assisting law enforcement worldwide on preventing and investigating cybercrime


The Internet is a world-wide network that provides electronic connection between computers enabling them to communicate with each other. Placing the burden of detection on the end-user isn’t efficient or trustworthy because individuals tend to ignore warnings about installing new protection software and the latest security updates.

The average user is not, does not want to be, and should not need to be a computer security expert any more than an airplane passenger wants to or should need to be an expert in aerodynamics or piloting.  This very lack of sophisticated end users renders our society at risk to a threat that is becoming more prevalent and more sophisticated”. We at LISTCRIME are NOT here to give you answers to questions but to give you SOLUTIONS to daily Internet and Identity theft PROBLEMS.


Former NSA director, General Keith Alexander: The loss of industrial information and intellectual property through cyber espionage constitutes the "Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History" According to Alexander U.S. Companies lose about $250 billion per year through intellectual property theft. Bottom line: Foreign companies will steal our technology and build products at lower cost using foreign labor which has a direct impact on jobs, wages and the United States economy.


  • Online information and websites can be created, hosted and accessed from all over the world, by anyone at anytime
  • There is a vast amount of data available on virtually every subject imaginable and there is no doubt that the world wide web has changed the way the world communicates
  • The global nature of the internet means it is very difficult to formally regulate it in the same way as other means of mass communication such as television, radio or offline publications
  • There is no central international body that monitors or approves internet content before it appears online